Art Of Freedom - Best of 2016

Ми зібрали для вас всі вражаючі інсталяції, яскраві скульптури, унікальні мистецькі проекти, чудові візуальні витвори мистецтва — це все і є Острів Свободи. Тендер Art of Freedom дає змогу молодим митцям представити свої ідеї та показати талант всім відвідувачам фестивалю, перетворюючи його на магічний світ, де музика та танці, веселощі та радість, любов та дружба навкруги кожного!

Тендер Art of Freedom 2017 закрито! Результати другого раунду відбору будуть оголошені до 20 квітня 2017 року! Якщо у вас є запитання — надсилайте їх на електронну скриньку!


Art Zone Gate

Designed by: Márton Nyirán

Art Zone cubes are a huge and multifunctional installation that reacts to the lacks of ART ZONE by providing covered and open relaxing spaces, fence, portal and luring appearance. The main idea behind the great fence was to draw attention to the artistic venue.



CAP-ture you-CAN

Designed by: TesTér Studio

The main point was to create dustbins which can be used in various ways. These dustbins are covered with lids and caps that allow Szitizens to screw bottles on them. It not only increases their capacity, but also gives them a defined texture of garbage – without unpleasant smell and danger to the users. These bins rather serve as a tool to raise attention to recycling and selective garbage collection. What’s more – this ’bottle hedgehog’ has exciting light effect at night.



Starry-eyed Shepherd

Designed by: Jap-Yap team

Our idea was to create such a point on the Island where the visitors can chill a bit, any part of the day. Apart from giving shelter to anyone looking for a place to relax, the building is a colorful spot of the Festival. The idea originates from the world of hungarian folktales, which we tried to dress into modern form. The building’s shape is based on a stylized skull, broken by the cheer of the graphics. The stylized mustache and eyeline found on the skull, and the constellations on the inside are painted with fluorescent paint, so the object is spectacular even at night in the given atmosphere.




Designed by: I Ritardat/ari

The Chill’Area is a project of a series of public seats build from Australian pallets. The use of this equipment is also justified by the idea of strength and solidity associated with pallets. This project is one of many examples of creative re-use of pallets.



Color Cube

Designed by: Hardboyhang

This sport equipment called COLOR CUBE designed for bodyweight trainings and stretching. The cube was developed with participation of professional sportmen. The project is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, based on traditional movements. On the eqiupment easy to find any basic or creative exercise, what keeps you fit on the festival. The own bodyweight exercises are already quite popular in the daily sport activities. Enjoy it.



Starry Sky

Designed by: J+P+D

At the stuffed and always vibrant Island of Freedom – where life doesn’t stop after midnight and its light shine over the city – is not easy to find a place where we can close out the environment and just look up to the sky to get lost in the ocean of stars. Our concept aims to seize this freedom-feeling and give it back to the Szitizens. We provide a social space which is good not only for resting and chatting, but to raise attention to the negative effects of light pollusion. Since night lights increased in the past decades, stars shine less and less brightly.




Designed by: Tsikura

Compact observation decks and relaxation areas in a form of a complex of four wooden dandelion-like structures. Three flowers are vertical and one is "broken", bended to the ground. Each flower can accommodate 2 people. Getting inside the flower is possible by means of a ladder on the flower's stem. Inside the flower there is a bench to sit on.



Dragon of Freedom

Designed by: Vajda Kreatív Diákcsoport

The 25-meter-long dragon constructed of 15-thousand PET bottles draw attention to the mass of single-use materials overwhelming our lives, and, at the same time shows the creativity that dwells in Hungarian students. Both awareness-raising and thought-provoking at the same time!




Designed by: Tekla Fehérvári

This installation aims to raise attention to the backsides of the too quick progress in technology. The insane manufacturing of electronical gadgets and the pollutant effects of consumer society are getting much and much disturbing. Electronical waste grows three times faster than any other kind of waste. Built from electronical waste and living off a tree, Elektropus symbolizes the destructive technological progress that devours our natural environment. Don’t let the beast of modern technology to suffocate you as well!



Fairy Town

Designed by: HEXA

FAIRY TOWN is a village of tiny wooden houses, where rooftops serve as seats for Szitizens. This group of 5 to 6 pieces of houses encircle a tree, which is also decorated with a string of wood and line. Thanks to the fluorescent painting the glittering village gives a magical view to the by-passers.



Light Creatures

Designed by: Dóra Emese

Mistily transparent figures sway in UV light as luminescent beings, inspired by deep-sea creatures. They create a unique universe of peace and intimacy where minds are free to wander. It’s a peaceful spot in the drift that evokes the beauty of nature and builds ambience for great conversations.



Flower Park

Designed by: Nívós Társaság

For festival goers relaxing and regaining energy are just as important as partying through a gargantuan amount of concerts. Before or after the shows alone or in couples being exhausted or nimble, everyone prefers to rest themselves for a while. Flower Park expresses the festival's main message with its own simplicity, and the LOVE slogan makes a possible meeting-point for 'szitizens'. To create an epigraph, we would like to use the flowers of last year's application 10K FLOWER, which by the way is very lovely for us. The patterns would also appear on the footings of the flower chairs.



Funky Monkey





Funny Furniture

Designed by: Vajda Kreatív Diákcsoport

People come to Sziget to live, but if you come to explore and experience great new things you surely get a bit exhausted – trust us. Vajda Kreatív Diákcsoport make seats used for relaxing, chatting or even eating that are unique in their figure, material, theme or message, yet still integral when it comes to serve Szitizens.




Designed by: Tsikura

Recreation place in the form of a gazebo. It is made of OSB sheets cut out like lace. The sheets are then painted to look metallic. So the gazebo gives shade from the sun and shelter from the rain and is aestetic.




Designed by: K-rtografii

It all started with the most powerful thing we have in common, the unconditional, unshakeable love for bicycles. We love them so much that we are always riding them (no pun intended), always repairing them, always thinking of them, since we were little. We would love that this world would be sorrounded by bicycles, that everybody would acknowledge their greatness!




Designed by: László Ildikó, Nagy Veronika

The wire mushroons are made of many kilometers of colored wires that had been laced on iron frame. It was important to recycle, so we used old wire as well. Szitizens can make friends, chat, or relax while sitting on one of the 25 mushrooms. The joyful installation is adding more to the landscape not only for daytime, but for the night as well. Visitors can enjoy them after sunset because they are lighted.




Designed by: Nyirán Márton

Our team’s main profile is the utilization of possibilities in recycled materials. The base of the locomotive is an empty and useless tank, which can be a spectacular spot of the festival thanks to its size and material. Szitizens can also climb up to the engineer’s cabin to shoot some pictures.



Shoal of fish

Designed by: Grünfelder Judit+ Healium dekoration

...suddenly 1600 lit up fish are shoaling above your head. You are dissolving in the sight. Fish shoal led light installation project by Judit Grunfelder, artist and Healium goup.




Designed by: Gazdag Zoltán, Nyul Dávid

Be a real rockstar and surf on top of a swaying crowd!



Rocking Lounger

Designed by: Geiger József

This wooden rocking lounger is perfectly made for a chat with your friends while having a glass of kisfröccs. The best place to relax your eyes and bask in the sun!



Round Forest

Designed by: Mome-Média Design Faculty

Our inspiration is the forest. We provide a pleasant and chilly social space, where exhausted Szitizens can get a nice rest.



Knitted Fröccsgarden

Designed by: Fonalgerillák Street-Art Workshop group

The members of Fonalgerillák group has been adorning several points of the capital already for 4 years: the arts can be found sometimes on Deák tér, sometimes on tram 49, they dress up trees, or even fill up the Children’s Railway with colorful, fairy and legendary figures. They debuted with their arts at the 2014th Sziget Festival. The passion for knitting and crocheting link students, pensioners, mothers as well as grannies together from different field of professions. Thanks to Art of Freedom, this year you can also check out their works. Last year 18 applicants participated in the creation of the installation using almost 10 kg yarn, while making new clothes for the trees. This year they came back with even more “clothes” at Fröccsgarden.



Community Space Installation

Designed by: ENVICASH s.r.o (SK)

Community building installation for Sziget Szitizens. It demonstrates the importance of environment protection and promotes the extensive opportunities of utilization in recycling. Its functions form a composition of comfort needs, service points and the feeling of freedom.


Let's Swing

Designed by: Mattia Paco Rizzi

Let's Swing! is an artistic-architectural playful and funny installation conceived by Mattia Paco Rizzi. The concept is very simple. A wooden circle emerges from the ground to create a skeleton of a prehistoric animal and to accommodate so many swings.



Lucy in the Sky

Designed by: B-terv - Horváth Lili, Tormási Petra, Lee Bin Péter, Balázs Miklós - Buja Hanna - Cséffay Alexandra - Fickert Flórián - Kálmán Dóra - Párdányi Dorottya Fruzsina - Sebők Eszter - Steiner Hanna - Steiner Júlia - Vitályos Orsolya

A stylized complex where Szitizens can feel like sitting on clouds. Thanks to its looming lights, it stands as a spectacular installation even at night.



Aliens, birds

Designed by: Csekő Etelka

Birds: Sziget Festival doesn’t harm the environment, moreover it saves the wildlife. So these new creatures from exotic places have turned up at Sziget festival just to enjoy the vibe of this special party.

Aliens: Sziget Festival is well known not just internationally, but also universally.



Memory Book

Designed by: Gathi

The interactive installation titled ’Memory Book’ is basically a huge book that is written and illustrated by the Szitizen community. Our goal was to provide an installation that flourishes with the festival by exhibiting it year after year. This giant book creates space for artworks, made together by Szitizens – therefore shows the true essence of the festival.



Mermaid Tea Party

Designed by: Nagy Zita Zsófia

The concept of my work for Sziget’s contest was the creation of a spectacular and playful art installation that reflects on the location of the festival as an emblematic figure. That is why I chose the dolphin, which is not only a commonly known typical symbol of kitsch, but also a beloved hero of my pieces. The dolphin coexists with us as the timeless essence of kitsch. An amazing and wonderful being that easily gets close to everybody’s heart. Jumping out of the waves it connects us, humans too with the enigmatic world of water. Our true friend both in real life and virtual space, where it paddles in the expanding ocean of online greeting cards, happily forever. Whoever loves the dolphin, cannot be a bad person. That is precisely why I believe that the good-natured crowd of Sziget’s audience will also welcome it as part of the festival’s image with embracing arms.



Swamp tale

Designed by: Astronauta D458

The idea behind this project was born from a real problem. Public wells at festivals are not able to satisfy the huge crowd’s demand for drinking water without developing a smaller marsh around themselves, therefore making it really difficult to approach them. This situation brought the idea to life that transforms the wells’ surroundings to an interesting space by sculpture elements.



Mind the Step

Designed by: Luigi Gentili, Vittorio Specchia, Alberto Tanelli

MIND THE STEP is a series of green public spaces that offer the possibility of a spontaneous meeting among the users. The project also aims to promote the sustainable cycle of materials used, as well as the possibility of re-using them. Indeed, the stacked and screwed pallets used and arranged in different modules, will ensure the flow of people offering them the possibility to sit and enjoy the company of others or simply one of the possible views of the surroundings. The pallets provided by Podhoran.




Designed by: Oszlányi Simon, Pál Noémi Anna, Takács Alexandra

The concept of Mushrest is based on three expressions: nature, interaction and colours. The aim was to establish a ground for resting in a nature-like habitat in the vivid swirling busyness of the festival. Therefore a net is spreaded out on the lower part and a painted sheet on the top of the installation. Mushrest functions as an exciting site not only during the day but also throughout the night because it is phosphorecent. In conclusion it is a stylized decorative mushroom figure which provides shadow in the morning time and light in the evening and in need can function as a shelter from rain but most importantly it offers a relaxing spot for Szitizens.



4 Square Round Forest

Designed by: Bakos Lilla, Donáth Áron; Győrik Ágnes; Simon Zoltán

The installation demonstrates the tension between the natural and industrial world. In this creation we exemplify this struggle with stylized wood with the help of wire and branches. The geometric bodies were shaped by wire and they symbolize the man-made industrial world, while the escaping branches symbolize the nature. The artificial things can’t dominate the forces of nature, wildlife always finds the way to be free. This is what we can see by the branches that coming through the wire. Each elements of the installation individually represent this eternal struggle, but besides that we also created the woodgroup in a way, that from a certain point, the elements make a giant square. The square formed by the different shaped bodies clearly symbolizes the cumulative global industrial system which tries to dominate our world, but from this united power, nature can still break trough. The world we live in is important to us so is the nature that keeps us alive. We find it necessary to vanish all those industrial impact that suppress nature.



Neon Figurative

Designed by: LedLightGroup

We aim to create a group sculpture of vibrant and luminous human figures. We’d like to portray these figures during an activity. It would be both entertaining and colorful at day and night.




Designed by: Nesteam

The NEST is a unique furniture that fit perfectly into its natural surroundings. It is made only of natural and recycled materials. It is both weather- and festivalproof.



Night Visions

Designed by: UnicornGlow

The concept of our project intended to showcase the connection between art and nature, therefore we have used raw, unproccessed timber and luminous paint in the making. Our work was inspired by an ImagineDragons album, hence the name of the project. The painted wooden chairs and tables are meant to create an extraordinary impression in the passer-by, as if they had entered this grand, enchanting vision, where they can chill together with their friends.




Designed by: B-terv - Cséffay Alexandra, Fickert Flórián, Párdányi Dorottya Fruzsina, Vitályos Orsolya, Balázs Miklós - Buja Hanna - Horváth Lili - Kálmán Dóra- Lee Bin Péter - Sebők Eszter - Steiner Hanna - Steiner Júlia - Tormási Petra

OctoPuff is the giant polyp of Sziget. The Island of Freedom is as diverse as seaworld, so this spectacular creature should not be missing from the environment either.



Giant Sziget Weaving

Designed by: Óriás Sziget Szövő csapat

Its main goal is to recycle unused plastic and textile waste. Anyone who wanders in ArtZone can contribute to this project in order to create a huge rug. We believe this activy brings together people by using their creativity, releasing stress and making something spectacular for Sziget.



The hands of unity

Designed by: Barthó Dorottya, Eisenberger Viktória, Herbszt Csilla

Get some rest at the Hands of Unity! It's a meeting point in every sense: our statue symbolizes the bonds forming between different cultures.



Pillekő faces

Designed by: Pillekő Projekt

Pilleko is a new composit building material developed by Antal Csaba environmental designer. The base of Pillekő is designed from recyled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles which are covered with a special mix of minerals. The result is a lightweight, water- and frostproof structure which is also resistant to physical impact. This green innovative technology can be widely used to build outdoor furnitures, organic shaped modules. As we have alredy made several streetfurnitures througouth the country.



Pleasure Factory

Designed by: S39 Hybrid Design Manufactory

PLEASURE_FACTORY features certain unique characteristics that set it apart from other factories. Besides the classic festival paraphrenalia, we have as our goal the creation of an installation that resembles the conveyer belt assemblyline used in heavy industry. We can see different kinds of machinery, containers, rails and industrial receptacles of all shapes and sizes, which, hooked up to each other give the impression of a working production line. Our end product: the EXPERIENCE itself. The installation is the manifestation of the feeling of festivals, and is a model of its very essence, compressed into one object. It sucks you in, chews you up, and spits you out with a laugh.




Designed by: Somogyi Fanni, Somogyi Miklós

The Pop Sheep installation is a public sculpture that consists of 24 life size colorful plastic sheep wearing sunglasses. I was both inspired by the idea of ‘counting’ sheep before falling asleep and pop art, thus I decided to pull the image from my imagination and create a real life, life size plastic herd. Each sheepis cast from epoxy and is painted with bright neon colors, which also glow in the dark. Instead of making Szitizens fall asleep at the festival, the herd is an energetic and emblematic icon on the island enhancing the positive and lively mood of the festival. Additionally, Szitizens will have the opportunity to win a baby sheep (Lambkin) by taking a selfie with the sheep and uploading it to an online social media site with a # phrase. Another layer of interaction is created by the addition of a QR code on the sheep, which leads to an online aspect of the work. With this public sculpture I aim to enhance the ‘cool’ image of Sziget Festival, and also create a fun and interactive work that can enrich the experience of the Szitizens.



Dress Lamps

Designed by: Szabó Gergely

I'd like to express the variegation of Szitizens at Sziget with my lampions and would like to give the festival feeling on the roads between the campings. I hope it will make everyone feel happy.



Yellow Submarine

Designed by: Nyirán Márton

I have been engineering, designing and constructing installations for 15 years. These are mostly and deliberately made by recycled materials. What is important for me at a given project to make the highest use of what I have in terms of the materials and at these projects I followed the same principle. The Transformer was created by scrap metal of boilers that arosed after wrecking a boiler room. At the same time, there was two foxy, unused gasometer which are became the bases for the moon explorer and the submarine. These had no use even at an ironmongery, because the professional outgassing and cutting of these gasometers would be more expensive then the price of the iron. The PET clouds made by an office block and were consumed at the time of 2 months, so even just the mass of it draws the attention to the importance of recycling


Selfie Transformer

Designed by: Nyirán Márton

I have been engineering, designing and constructing installations for 15 years. These are mostly and deliberately made by recycled materials. What is important for me at a given project to make the highest use of what I have in terms of the materials and at these projects I followed the same principle. The Transformer was created by scrap metal of boilers that arosed after wrecking a boiler room. At the same time, there was two foxy, unused gasometer which are became the bases for the moon explorer and the submarine. These had no use even at an ironmongery, because the professional outgassing and cutting of these gasometers would be more expensive then the price of the iron. The PET clouds made by an office block and were consumed at the time of 2 months, so even just the mass of it draws the attention to the importance of recycling.



Shades of Green

Designed by: Rácz Eszter és Kiss Péter

Designers of ’Shades of Green’ were meant to create a unique social space that fits into Sziget’s ’green’ concept.




Designed by: Leitner Levente – Gwizdala Dáriusz

We’ve been visiting festivals for many years now, so our own experiences fed the idea behind our project. Our suitcases are suitable for sitting and laying. Moreover, they proved to be perfect shelters during heavy rains and heat-waves.



Ghost Sculpture Park

Designed by: Unicorn Factory

A Szellem Szobor Park, egy olyan fémdrótból készült szoborcsoport installáció, ami teljes mértékben illeszkedik az ArtZone mesés világába és tökéletesen bírja a fesztivál speciális környezetét. Időtálló, mind nappal, mind éjszaka megvilágítva érdekes vizuális élményt nyújt. A kiválasztott figurák mind erős szimbólumok, a varázslat és mese világát idézik.




Designed by: Wahorn Works

Ghost Statue Park is a sculpture installation made of metallic wires that suits ArtZone’s fairy athmosphere and endures a festival’s special environment. All the chosen figures are strong symbols that summon the world of a fairytale full of magic.



The Pavilion of Love

Designed by: M & F

The Pavilion of Love attracts not only lovers, but also those who want to have a good rest. The pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed by the colorful umbrellas, which turn the summer sunlight into a placid rainbow. But as soon as the sun goes down, Love gets the attention, as the pavilion being illuminated throughout the whole night shines like a bright summer night sky full of stars.



Think Inside the box

Designed by: Dkni iroda

Think INSIDE theBox is a pavillon designed for smaller group of friends to rest and talk in peace. It’s a cube from outside, and the inner space is like a cave and ergonomically desgined. The pavillon is made of layers of plywood, which makes it transparent and separated at the same time. There are two bench-like expansions inside. At the top of the pavillon an infintemirror has been placed to add depth to it’s inner space.




Designed by: Építész Klub BME

It’s a colorful, shady and cosy place where you can recharge your batteries with creative energies before the next awesome party. It’s a place where you can find a shelter from the sun and rest insinde on a comfortable pillow – just like a tortose in its shield. It’s a simple structure made of 2 meters long wooden elements built with a special technique called nexorade. The holes between the rods are filled with painted textiles which we will make together during the course of the festival. A place where you can refresh the memories of last night and get ready for the spectacular new adventures waiting for you.



Tower Of Freedom

Designed by: Mert Gönül & Ece Yuyar

The concept is based on two main lines linked between stages. It creates a square that’ll define or area. Giving it’s height occured by rotating and scaling the sqare upwards inspired by movements of the people at the festival. It shows itself first when the visitors enter to the zone.



UFO Family

Designed by: Nívós Társaság

The installation depicts a flying saucer that fell into the festival's territory and the extra-terrestrial family that flew it. These creatures slowly started to get used to their new environment. They built a tent, got a picnic-table, and even tried to blend into the festival's atmosphere with their outfit.



Spaceshuttle 3.0

Designed by: Kolonocs Kitty, Zsadányi Hajnalka, Ángyán Gergő, Ángyán Pál, Hajdu Bence, Pálmai Melinda, Sokorai Attila

April had her best party last year in Sziget Festival, so she decided to come back with her best friends. Their new, updated spaceshuttle landed near the Arena Stage, look for them in the spacey forest.




Designed by: Kárpáti Eszter, László Ildikó, Nagy Veronika

The creators are future industrial designers from Pécs, Hungary, who decided to create an installation where people can make friends, hide from the hot sun or just relax before the next concert. The giant leaves from iron and colored strings provide these things. The installation is named Magic field because the creators hope that everyone will get the feeling that they are on the land of a fairy tale.



Storm tents

Designed by: MOME Média design

It aims to give shelter for Szitizens who flee from the hardships of weather. Warms you up when it’s raining outside, but cools you down in a massive heat.




Designed by: Albert Kristóf, Garai Ilka, Hartai Krisztina

Xylobamboo is an interactive installation which is not only a decorative piece of art but also gives an opportunity to connect with fellow festival visitors while being entertaining. Xylobamboo is basically a statue like implementation of a xylophone. You can make it play with the help of the bamboo tubes and the small hanging sticks. More people or groups of friends are welcomed to play it together thanks to its large size.



Zoo Chairs

Designed by: Tsikura

Deck-chairs made as different animals. They are made from sackcloth stuffed with thatch or straw. The sizes allow 2 lying people or 2 sitting. They are also mobile and easy to move.